Julian Neubauer – Who am I?

Well, this question is not that difficult to answer. I am Julian Neubauer, 22 years old and I come from a little city near the border to Hungary. Eisenstadt is around 60km south from Vienna, so I am not in the region of Austria where there are the biggest mountains. Nethertheless my passion for mountainbikes grew quickly and is still growing as I explore more regions and meet new people.

I am riding for a quite small team called “RC Kreuzer Racing” from Bad Vöslau. I am very happy to have the opportunity to have a great race support and all my friends directly at the races. The team contains lots of nice people and this makes even shitty races fun.

My 2018 season was quite a blast. I managed to throw down some fast runs and got away mostly unhurt. The results from my 2018 and especially 2018 season helped me to get a partnership with KONA. This was a great step into the right direction and even after the first two races of the season I knew the Operator can deliver. Now I feel like Connor Fearon, who is besides Sam Hill my biggest hero.

I like to attend in as many races as possible to gain experience and have a good time. So my main goal for this season is to get further into the Top 50 in Europe and earn some nice points. If you ever see me at some races come on over and have a chat. I don’t think I am gonna kill somebody who talks to me.

ride on and stay real!