IXS EDC #2 Kranjska Gora

Seawas dudes!

After a short break during April and May the next race for me was the second stop of the EDC in Kranjska Gora. The week before the weather forecast was not that great but I still went there hoping that there will be no snow. Friday started with rain, which held during the whole training session. This made thigns quite slippery and difficult to ride. After the friday training session we were completely exhausted and curious what would wait for us on Saturday.

As you can see in the picture above it was a little bit wet and muddy. Nethertheless I rode out Saturdays practice and was ready to throw one down in Qualies. We also got informed that both the Qualification and Race run were held on Saturday because the forecast for Sunday were 20 cm of snow. This led to a bit of a short practice session and a hectic Afternoon. In the Qualification I managed to hold it together for a “Höllenritt” and got 25. This landed me into the Super Final for the first time ever. I was really stoked and could not wait to get up there and ride again. In my Race run I managed to crash directly out of the start hut which was a big neck breaker and set the mood for the rest of the run. Still, could have gona a tiny bit worse but I am still happy to got into the Super Final.

Ride on and stay real,


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