IXS EDC #1 Maribor

Seawas dudes!

The season had an early start with the first IXS Cup in Maribor in April. I arrived early on Thursday and had an chilled out first day of building up my pit area. Since this EDC was just before the World Cup the week after, many World Cup teams decided to also participate in during the European Cup. This made up a strong starting field and made training even better. During fridays practice I had a lot of fun and managed to find some great lines.

After a good training session on Saturday I went up for my qualification run. I had in mind that it would be very good to get into the Top 80 for Sundays finals. I knew it would be a hard task and even after a blasting run I could not manage to get into the 80s, but I was absolutely happy to miss it just by 4 seconds. I felt good for Sunday.

After a early start into the day and a nice training session I was ready to throw one down in finals. I warmed up at the top, went out of the start gate and had a really good top section. Just before the split time I had one of the biggest crashes in my career in the big rock garden. I lost quite some time and took it easy to the bottom. I knew that the time would have easily be 3-5 seconds quicker just at the split time which gave me confidence for the next race.

Ride on and stay true,


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