Austrian Gravity Cup Finals Mariazell

Seawas dudes!

Last weekend I raced at the final stop of the LINES Austrian Gravity Series. It was an one day event with optional training on Friday, but the main event was on Saturday.

I did not race there before so I was not quite sure what to expect. But already after the first run I was absolutely blown away by the track. Steep, rough, short, fast. Pretty intense track to race on, because there was no room for error.

So after the training on Friday I was not really sure how to ride all the parts of the track, but the key to go fast was to just let it wide open and hit the breaks at very specific points.

On Saturday I had quite a big OTB (over the bars) but thankfully the whole track was covered in LOAM which made my fall quite nice. This track stoked me up for finals. The only problem was that there was just one run to set your time. I don’t mind to set it all on the line but it is wierd on a pretty new and for me unknown track.

So what happened was that I just wanted to ride as fast as my bike and me were able to handle the track. But just after entering the top woods section my rear wheel slipped of a turn and this caused me to crash followed by a huge timeloss.

Nontheless it was one of the most interesting races I have ever done and I am really fired up to race more Gravity Series next year.

ride on,



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