UCI Mountainbike Downhill World Cup Leogang

Seawas dudes!

This year I was lucky enough to get invited to race in Leogang at the UCI MTB World Cup. I already had the chance to start at the first World Cup in Losinj, CRO, but really was too busy with school and work to get there.

But after getting a second invite I couldn’t say no! So lets start into a week of new adventures.

This was my first World Cup as an Elite rider. I was very nervous and happy at the same time. After the track walk, which was very strait forward I knew what I would have to do and started both of my trainingssessions with good expectations. I did not have problems with my bike. Some bits of the track were a bit sketchy because of the rain that happened during the night but it was all dry for sunny. I stood up there, wanting to do my land proud. But just after a couple of seconds I already made a mistake in the first section which costed me important seconds. Non the less I carried on. Everything was going well until I started messing up the exit of the technical woods section. I was on a bit of a different line and had not so much exit speed. I pedalled hard and as soon as I hit the first jump I noticed that something was wrong. If you push into a take-off and you feel you rear wheel move, you are most likely to have a flat. And that’s what happened to me. My first flat tire in a important run. Damn, but that’s racing. There’s not much you can do about this.

Awesome experience and onto the next one.

Ride on,


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