IXS European Downhill Cup Brandnertal

Seawas dudes!

So not long ago I raced at the IXS EDC finals in Brandnertal. Usually they are held in Leogang but for an unknown reason Leogang did not make an IXS EDC this year.

I knew Brandnertal from a race back in 2016 and I knew that this track was one to remember. Long, hard on the body and scary in some bits. And the forecast also was a bit of a challenge that weekend. Rain over rain over rain.

Friday was an interesting day where I did not know exactely where to ride. Saturday after the trainingssession I had pretty much all my lines sorted out and was ready to throw one down. I rode well and made only one huge mistake, which was more of a relief than a huge crash and time-consuming mistake. This set me up for a 54th in Qualifiying and that meant Top80 training for Sunday.

On Sunday the weather was a bit better and it stopped raining completely throughout the day. I went up for my racerun really with two thoughts in my head:

How am I going to ride the first turn?

How will I survive the steep-roots-bit?

Both went unexpectetly well and I managed to pull out a 43rd overall. Stoked to end the EDC series on a high and hungry for more years to come.

Next up: Götzens

Ride on,


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