IXS European Downhill Cup Kranjska Gora

Seawas dudes!

After not knowing whether to go to Crankworx or Kranjska Gora, I decided (after a crash in the first corner in Kranjska Gora last year) to go back there to have a revenge.

Coming there is as always super good. Knowing the weather would be pretty good I was very curious how they changed the track up. And they made it even better.

After Fridays and Saturdays training I felt good and managed to pull of a 64th place in my Seeding run. Only had a little moment in the training, but this did not bother me at all. This place put me into the glorious position of having the Top80 training on Sunday. Excited as I was I went to sleep not knowing what was waiting for me on Sunday.

Sundays training went well. I felt good on track and was all fired up for my racerun. Would I f#*? up the first corner again? And man, no I did not. Having a really good run in Kranjska Gora is pretty difficult as you have to hit everything absolutely on point. I managed to put down a clean run for 66th overall.

Better than crashing in the first corner.

Next up: Klinovec

ride on,



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