IXS Downhill Cup Klinovec

Seawas dudes!

Next up was a race to remember: Klinovec!

The reason for driving to Klinovec was that the track is fun to ride and to get points easily as there usually are not many riders there. Oh well, lets see if this is true.

First up was to realize I forgot my flat pedals at home. Thanks to a rider from the super friendly-named team “Gewalt-Racing” I was able to get a pair of flats for the weekend! Thanks! After getting the pedals and realizing the weather is going to be a hell of a cold one we went up for trackwalk.

I could not believe what I saw. Long rocky turns, easy straits, bikepark turns and not much to rest. Man, I thought this track was absolute garbage. But after having the first run I was absolutely blown away by how good the track was! One of my all time favourite tracks EVER.

So after a cold Fridays and Saturdays training and sleeping in a not isolated van I thought I had a decent run, until I saw that I was down by like 1min or so. Man was I hyped for Sunday.

Just to give you an idea of how cold it was: the highest temperature of the whole weekend was around 15°C.

After realizing we would have a nearly perfect course for the race I put on my race jersey and went up. Not knowing what will happen I started into my run. About half way down I made a mistake which cut open the inner part of my leg (where I had an old crust) and this started to bleed. Everything was going so well so I just pushed trough, hit some turns absolutely hard and managed to get 40th in the race! Stoked!

One of the best races ever!

next up: Spicak

ride on,


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