IXS Downhill Cup Götzens

Seawas dudes!

Some time ago I raced at the IXS Downhill Cup race in Götzens. Different than at the National Championships we were able to get out of the gondola at the middle station. Why now? I don’t know but it certainly would have been good when we had that at the Nationals too.

Anyway, the race was kind of a late decision for me because I had a sports week in the week of the race. This meant I would arrive a bit late to the race. But as it turned out I was just in time for the training to start. I did some runs and already knew it would be a great weekend. The most difficult thing to make was the jump from the Enduro bike onto my Downhill bike. Pretty different bikes.

After Saturdays training I got 32nd in Seeding which was O.K. when it was my 7th day on a bike in a row. I was a bit tired but fired up for Sunday.

Sunday was wonderful weather and great track conditions. I went up for my racerun with pretty much sorted out lines and my personal target set. After a f#+?ing good upper part I pedalled hard and did not use my brakes much which caused a pretty big timeloss. This timeloss happened to be me missing the long wooden bridge with high speed. Oh man, I was devastated. But yeah, its always the part where you least expect it. Nevertheless I ended up 53rd which is not too bad with this type of mistake.

Next up: Mariazell Bürgeralpe

Ride on,


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