Glemmride Bikefestival Saalbach Hinterglemm

Seawas dudes!

So after having many super serious and hard races it was time to have a bit more fun and time on the bike. What better way to race at the Glemmride Bikefestival in Saalbach.

My goal there is always to put down stormer runs. So starting with the Pumptrack on Friday I felt really good pumpin‘. I managed to get into the semi-final and with the best time of the day into the finals. But do you know what happens when you push? Sometimes you win – sometimes you loose, and this time I lost, but got 2nd so what can you say?

Next up was the Downhill training and Seeding Run. The track was perfect as always, but one of the more uncommon problems was that some marshals were not informed correctly about how and when to use the yellow or red flag. But what can you do. I managed to put myself into 5th in Seeding which was absolutely great! I felt like a king haha ;). Put the race just so happenend to be the next day.

So next up the LINES Mag. Bike-Pull, the most important competition of the whole year. In this competiton you have to pull LINES Magazines on a palette with an old „Wofnradl“. Harded than you might think. And even if there were guys like Steve Schneider or the Strongman of Saalbach, I got 3rd. Don’t ask me how, I don’t know, but I am happy about it.

So after having one of my best weekends the last race was up – the Downhill. The training was just awesome and good times. I went up, wanting to get awawy with the podium (sounds so professional and serious but I just wanted it so badly!). The ticks went down. 5…4…3…2…1…0, But at the 0 I wsa already out of the gate and 5 secs into my run. It went by so fast and before I could say „Glemmride“ I put myself into 3rd. Stoked af!

So after all that I was really very happy with how erveything went!

next up: Brandnertal

ride on,



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